Eligible candidates for our rehabilitation program must fit the following criteria:

  • Has a disability which shows reasonable prognosis for increased function with the help of therapy services with the goal to go home
  • Must be willing and able to participate in a minimum of three hours of activity per day, five days a week as required by Medicare
  • Has adequate community support upon discharge
  • Can set realistic recovery goals that can be met within the average length of stay (5-8 days)
  • Should be stable given the parameters of the diagnoses
  • A probable discharge destination and approximate length of stay must be determined prior to admission
  • Are afebrile 24 hours prior to admission (<100°F)
  • Blood pressure is within 48 hours of admission: systolic >85, <180, diastolic >50, <110
  • Heart rate is between 50 and 120 and does not require cardiac monitoring
  • Lab values are within normal limits given the diagnosis


Please Contact Straith Hospital if you have any further questions regarding eligibility for Rehabilitation at Straith Hospital.

Straith Hospital