Operating Rooms for Physicians

There’s a reason why Straith Hospital is the facility of choice for surgeons in Michigan.

Our newly renovated operating rooms, committed staff and central location are the foundations to a successful surgical facility. If you’re a private practicing surgeon who wants to provide excellent surgical services and better outcomes, Straith Hospital is here to partner with you. And as a licensed acute care hospital, we can perform both inpatient or outpatient surgeries. We’re committed to our physicians, and we’ll do whatever it takes to provide you with the space, resources and staff you need to continue delivering quality care.

Our single-floor facility makes it easy for physicians to get the custom help they need for better surgical outcomes. Come and experience the benefits of Straith Hospital:

  • Get full access to five newly renovated rooms, up to 600 square feet each.
  • Our flexible schedule lets physicians create a schedule most convenient to them.
  • Pre-opt testing programs are offered for PAT program.
  • Private consultation rooms are available for patients and families upon request.
  • Our facility is equipped with a laminar flow HEPA filtered air distribution.
  • We continue to provide exceptional room turnover times.
  • Inpatient beds are available for patients who require an overnight stay.
  • Bundled payment opportunities are available for physicians and insurers.
  • We foster an intimate, family-like atmosphere.

You’ll also have full-access to the surgical staff at Straith Hospital, which consists of:

  • CRNAs
  • On-site Anesthesiologist
  • Surgical Registered Nurses
  • Surgical Technicians
  • Pre and Post OP Registered Nurses

Learn how you can use the space at Straith Hospital to perform your surgeries. Contact our Director of Surgical Services, Lamia Alfatlawi at (248) 357-3360 ext. 113.


Get access to the operating space you need for successful surgical outcomes.