Rehabilitation FAQS

Rehabilitation FAQS

Who can benefit from the Straith Hospital’s rehabilitation program?

We provide rehabilitation services for post-surgical post-medical conditions. The following are examples of diagnoses previously admitted to Straith Hospital’s inpatient rehabilitation program:

Orthopedic: total knee, hip, and pelvic fractures, upper extremity fractures, spinal stenosis, vertebral fractures, compression fractures, debilitating arthritis.

Neurological: Cerebral Vascular Accident (stroke), Hemiplegia, Parkinson’s, Syncope, Multiple Sclerosis.

Cardiac: Post coronary bypass, femoral grafts, heart attack, stabilized angina, AICD or Pacemaker insertions/post-stent pacemaker.

Debility: patients who have undergone radiation therapy, chemotherapy, mechanical ventilation, chronic pulmonary lung disease, or are medically complex.

What primary insurance carriers cover the rehabilitation program?

We participate with Medicare and accept Private Pay. Workman’s Compensation and Auto Insurers as a case by case basis.

What should I bring with me to Straith Hospital?

For inpatient, bring three days’ worth of clothing, personal toiletries and – if you’d like – your cell phone, laptop or other technology. We have open Wi-Fi for all patients and guests.

What are the visiting hours?

Our visiting hours are every day from 8 AM – 8 PM. However, if you are a guest or family member of a patient and would like to make a visit outside of these hours, alternate arrangements can be scheduled.

What kind of food is provided for patients?

Patients are provided daily menu options, where they can customize each meal to their liking. We serve three meals a day, which can include:

  • Salad
  • Soup
  • Main entrée
  • Sandwiches
  • Vegetable side dishes
  • Bread
  • Dessert
  • Beverages, juice or milk
  • Condiments

We also provide themed-meals for special events and holidays.

What kind of food is provided for visiting family members and guests of a patient?

We have limited food services available for family and guests. There are local restaurants in the area that deliver to Straith Hospital. However, coffee, tea, beverages and vending machines are available in the cafeteria for all visitors. Guest trays can be ordered for a fee with advanced notice.

What are the room arrangements?

We want our patients to be as comfortable as possible during their stay. That’s why every patient is assigned their own private room, which includes their own personal television, phone and closet. If a patient requires specific living arrangements, our staff will adjust the space to meet their needs.

Where do I park?

We’re a small, single-floor facility, so it’s easy to get around. Patients, visitors and family members can park in the North parking lot, located on the right side of the building.

What doors do I enter from?

Patients, visitors and family members can enter through our main doors in the front during business hours. After-hours access is through the Discharge Doors, around the corner of the building, to the left of the Main Entrance. Press the buzzer to the right of the doors, and you will be asked to identify yourself, then admitted for security purposes.